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How can we help? In addition to the offerings described below, we can customize a consulting arrangement to help you establish a mission, vision and values; identify communication gaps within the organization; increase employee engagement; or meet other needs you may have identified. 

Master Storytelling Workshop


If you lead a team, speak to large audiences, facilitate learning, or just need to get your point across, mastering the art of turning your experiences into meaningful stories can be your new leadership superpower. Whether you’re a natural storyteller or storytelling seems like a foreign language, you can improve your skills with the Master Storytelling Workshop. 

In this interactive half-day workshop, you'll get: 

  • Ways to find real-life experiences and turn them into stories that teach, lead, and inspire. 

  • How to use storytelling to make presentations and meetings more compelling and memorable.

  • A simple, repeatable process for using storytelling as an on-going skill.

  • Practice in crafting and delivering your experiences as stories that convey important principles and messages. 

Master Storytelling is perfect for: 

  • Trainers and facilitators – anyone  in a teaching role.

  • Leaders who represent the company, its values, and its culture to other employees. 

  • Speakers and presenters –anyone who has to stand in front of an audience. 

  • Sales and marketing –those who need to convey the company message in a way that moves people to act.


Virtually everyone will benefit from this workshop. But the greatest benefit is to the audience who can now understand, remember, and act on your messages.  

Coaching for Success ​

Name the field of expertise -- athletics, art, music, public speaking -- and you'll find that the people at the top of their field still benefit from coaching. So why wouldn't you and your team members get the same benefit? Sometimes a coach is the difference between doing well and doing phenomenally well. 

Mindset Coaching takes individuals and teams through a process that starts with their core meaning -- their purpose -- then address key areas that impact their ability to achieve that purpose. The process includes 8 coaching sessions (with an option for additional follow-up coaching) with customized actions and objectives to help team members achieve greater success. 

Mindset Coaching is appropriate for: 

  • Experienced leaders who are ready to take the next step up or who have identified a weakness they need to work on. 

  • Emerging leaders who want to prepare for success. 

  • Potential leaders who are growing into leadership roles for the future. 

  • Team members who are struggling or who simply want to be their best. 

  • Intact teams that need to find a way to work better together and maximize their collective potential. 

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