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The mind is an amazingly powerful tool. As with most tools, it can be constructive or destructive, depending on how it is used. You can use a hammer to build a house or to tear down a wall. Consciously, most of us use our minds constructively; but sometimes the way we think tears down our walls of success rather than building them. 

Let's be clear: Mindset Stragegic Leadership is NOT about pop psychology or cheerleading or simply thinking positively. We provide a process that is based on brain research, business principles, and common sense that help people achieve better results in business and in life. We do that through training, coaching, and consulting. 

Take a look at the Products page to get more details. If you think it makes sense for us to work together, contact me. I'd love to help you find new ways to think and grow. 



Mark Carpenter is the CEO (Chief Everything Officer) of Mindset Strategic Leadership. Yep, it's all on him. Mark Carpenter leverages 30 years of business experience to help individuals and organizations reach their goals and expand their potential. Whether coaching leaders, teaching a course, giving a speech, or consulting on a project, Mark is known for engaging participants and motivating improvement. 

His success is largely due to a set of contrasting and complimentary characteristics. He is practical yet personable; he’s a serious worker who doesn’t take himself too seriously; he’s quick to assume the best in others without sacrificing high standards. Mark helps people get the results they need by focusing on their needs rather than a course or program.

He loves connecting people to valuable skills that will change their lives for good. He approaches each engagement with a personable teaching style that relates equally well to the C-suite, middle management, and the front line. He engages people with a focus on applying practical skills to real life problems with the ultimate goal of lasting improvement. 


"Mark unselfishly offered advice and coaching over the last few months and helped me analyze the right solutions for this team…One of our branch managers proclaimed a renewed trust in our company and remarked that working with Mark was motivating and encouraging.”

   - Director of Talent Management, Wholesale Supplier


“Mark is a master communicator. More importantly for the rest of us, he is a master teacher of communication skills. He makes learning a complex skill set easier by breaking it into manageable, repeatable, and therefore doable, pieces. He does so with grace and good humor.”

   - Training Manager, Utility Company

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